Who Are The GTAVC?

traverse-city-grand-traverse-bayThe GTAVC is comprised of Organizations related to Veterans and Service Personnel from the Grand Traverse Michigan Area.  These include Service Organizations like but not limited to the VFW, DAV, American Legion,   Government and Private Services.

It is our interest to promote Military Veterans Services, Memorials and Recognition Programs in our area.

Our Mission

Veterans PicWe associate ourselves together in order that, through the concerted action of member organizations and associate members as a group, the common interests of all veterans and their families may be advanced. It is our purpose to cooperate with, coordinate and strengthen each other’s individual organizations and in no way to supplant or replace any such units.

To dedicate our solidarity to service to our community as a whole; honor to our organization’s; integrity in our endeavor’s for patriotism and pride; loyalty to our leaders and country; and enthusiasm in our joint endeavors; in general to do whatever we can to further the interests of veterans and their families.

We pledge our allegiance to the United States of America, and reaffirm our aim to be nonpartisan in politics and unbiased as to race, gender, creed, color or religion.

Grand Traverse Area Veterans Memorial

GTAV Memorial ParkThe Grand Traverse Area Veterans Memorial is just one of our many projects and Programs.  Click on the link in the address bar to visit the Memorial Dedicated Pages created by Gene Dixon one of our Members.